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CAPTAIN COACH is happy to announce the launch of the Horizon Europe project xGain.

A new Digital Era for rural areas

There are several overarching reasons why people remain offline or with slow connectivity speeds, with main reasons being lack of network infrastructure availability and affordable Internet services. Additionally, reasons may reside in gaps in digital skills, cost of personal devices, and a perceived lack of relevancy.

XGain was developed to support the design and development of programs and interventions that address two of these main issues:

Based on real-life, real-needs in real-time, XGain will deploy, explore and assess digital connectivity options by applying a range of technological solutions to a wide spectrum of geographical locations and sectors. More specifically,

XGain’s platform is intended to provide the best digital connectivity solutions to all stakeholders in an ad-hoc way by answering all of their questions and hesitations.

XGain’s primary objective, by the end of this project, is to establish an EU network, able to endure in time. Led by a team of experts from the Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS), XGain will be the meeting point for all related stakeholders, from farmers to local governments, to achieve this goal. XGain is looking forward to bringing a meaningful change in rural areas of Europe and taking you with us along this journey.


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